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Fantastic Italian composition of coat hanger bench and mirror, circa 1960. Excellent condition.

George Pelletier ashtray for Airliquid, circa 1999.

Carved in three pieces: Head in one block and the two ears.

Coat rack by Roger Feraud for geo. Black iron.

French Roger Capron ceramic mirror, circa 1960. Signed.

Swedish wool circular carpet, circa 1960.

Two at the top 650€ per piece, 80 x 35 x 5. Two in the middle 690€ per piece, 80 x 40 x 5.

Beautiful 1970s Italian Mauro Manetti ice bucket.

Beautiful Italian coat hanger, circa 1970.

Superb 1960 Italian free-form brass mirror.

Fantastic Dominique Pouchain Owl Ceramic Sculpture

Superb 1960 Italian free-form brass mirror.

Superb 1960 Italian free-form brass mirror.

Huge Italian brass mirror, circa 1960. Measures: 171cm height, 63cm width.

Beautiful set of five sun wicker mirror. Measures from 40 to 60cm diameter. More size on request if needed.

Beautiful set of five sun wicker mirror, circa 1960. From 37cm diameter to 60cm.

Fantastic set of five Chatty Vallauris mirror, circa 1960. Diameter : 90cm, 86cm, 70cm, 70cm and 50cm. Two of them have the bomb mirror. Three others have dish mirror.

Italian wood and steel coat hanger, circa 1960.

Italian 1960 beautiful coat hanger.

Beautiful Italian Brass Shield Form Circa 1960\nMinor point damage

Beautiful Curved Italian Brass Mirror Circa 1960

Roland Brice signed plate manufactured in Biot France, circa 1950.

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