Albert Thiry ceramic, Vallauris, circa 1960, signed, in excellent condition.

Beautiful ashtray and magazine cover in the taste of Mategot. In very good condition.

Beautiful ceramic by Cloutier Brothers, in excellent condition

Beautiful ceramic by Cloutier Frères circa 1960, signed, in excellent condition.

Beautiful ceramic dish or Vide-Poche by Cloutier Freres, signed Cloutier (back), in excellent condition.

Beautiful Vallauris ceramic, circa 1960, in good condition.

Beautiful Robert Picault ceramic dish, Vallauris, circa 1960, signed with the monogram, in excellent condition.

Beautiful set of three green Murano ashtray, circa 1960. Very good condition.

Beautiful set of two Italian Murano glasses ashtray, circa 1960. In excellent condition.  

Beautiful tray up in the taste of Mategot, circa 1950. Tray up in excellent condition.

Beautiful wood vide-pochem, circa 1960. Excellent condition.

George Pelletier ashtray for Airliquid, circa 1999.

Jean Derval beautiful ceramic dish, signed and dated, in excellent condition.

Manufacture Bretonne de Faïences artistiques (MBFA), Pornic, circa 1960, signed in excellent condition.

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